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Tired and Sore - RonO's Ramblings — LiveJournal

Mar. 28th, 2009 02:34 pm Tired and Sore

But for a good reason. This afternoon my current Karate School (Champion Eyes Karate in Oceanside) hosted a series of seminars with Tadashi Yamashita, who is the Sensi who taught the head of our school.

I was at a 90 minute seminar for adult and teenage low and middle rank belts, and we got a good workout and good instruction in many of the basics of this system (Shorin-Ryu Karate and/or Zen Okinawan Kobudo -- I suspect somewhat of a blend).

We went through several of the basics that make up the form, some of the Katas (forms) -- only one of which I'd actually worked on in class before -- did some pre-sparing drills, some throws and some work with the bo. My trouble was largely where it always is -- with the difference of the Japanese/Korean blend of National Karate and this system. On the other hand I startled one of the yellow belts (the order at the beginning is White, Yellow-White, Yellow, Orange-White, Orange and then I loose track) when I seemed to know pretty well one of the katas not normally taught until approaching Orange belt. However this kata had a lot of a center-kick, land, punch combination that was part of one of the National Karate forms (Wan Jun Hyung) as well as their marching basics.

I also had him a bit worried -- since we were partnered on the throws and pre-sparring drills -- when we were near-sparing and I was seeing if I could still get my kicks up high (he's an inch or two taller than I am). He was afraid that I was mad or something, rather than just falling back into old practice.

It was a good seminar and should Yamashita Sensi return for seminars here -- he is getting ready to retire from teaching -- I will definitely take the opportunity. This also has me regretting even more that I had a conflict (probably DucKon) last year when Master Chuck Worley -- the head of the National Karate schools and based out of Minneapolis -- gave a similar seminar for the Chicago National Karate schools before one of the black belt exams.

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