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Wild Weekend Coming Up - RonO's Ramblings

Apr. 6th, 2009 09:12 pm Wild Weekend Coming Up

This coming weekend will be a bit wild -- especially for Derrick.

Friday we will need to get up about normally (for Derrick and I, late actually for robot_grrl) to catch the train to Anaheim. The return train schedule will result in Derrick getting to bed on Friday either late, very late or very very late.

This weekend, our church -- New Venture Christian Fellowship -- will be hosting a large sunrise Easter service at the Oceanside Amphitheater. We volunteered to help, and were assigned to the balloon crew. It turns out that the balloon crew meets on Saturday night at 7:00 to build a number of balloon arches. So, Derrick will be up late again on Saturday.

Then on Sunday, I think we'll want to go to the service at the amphitheater at 7:30 instead of the one at the church at 10:30. So he'll have to get up fairly early on Sunday.

The bottom line is that he better sleep in on Saturday, take a nap on Sunday and then sleep in on Monday when Tara is off because New Venture school is closed and doesn't have extended care.

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