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Government Interference

For some reason, I'm still on one of the mailing lists for National Karate in the Chicago area. Normally, I glance at the e-mails just to see what is going on. Most of them are announcements of school closings and events, and there are only one or two every few months. I'm not worried about being on the list.

Today, I got one from the director of the school informing us of a couple of changes that impact the May tournament. Both of these changes are the result of a new state law -- probably one that someone believed would protect people.

The first change is that every participant, or at least everyone sparring, must either have a physical in the last year in which they are cleared for this kind of activity, or have a physical from a physician on site. This seems to apply to everyone from the 4-year-olds (at least if it covers non-sparring classes, very few at that are spar yet) up through the teenagers and into adults.

Second, every woman 18 and older who is sparring must have a pregnancy test the day of the tournament, and the physician must read the test and clear them to compete.

Now, I believe that anyone participating in heavy physical activity probably should check with their doctor to make sure that they don't have a hidden condition that could kill them before they start, and it probably isn't a good idea for women who are expecting to spar. But, I don't really like the government both requiring that this be done, and requiring that the organizers of the tournament -- in this case the school -- check all of this documentation before the tournament.

I'd be relieved that I won't have to deal with this (and pay for an extra physical or two), except for the fact that if California doesn't have a similar law already, it is only a matter of time before we have one.
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