RonO (rono_60103) wrote,

Busy Weekend -- and it isn't over

It's only Saturday afternoon, and I've already had a busy weekend. And it is likely to stay busy.

My sister (sue_caskey), her son and boy friend were in town this week -- Sue was teaching at a training session at The Hard Rock Hotel in The Gasslamp, and she brought Aiden (son) and Alan (boy friend) on frequent flier miles. Because of our schedule and their schedules it wasn't practical for us to get together any earlier than last night. So, we made plans to meet at the end of the Oceanside Pier about 6:15 to go out to Ruby's for supper.

I had hoped to catch the earlier train, but wasn't able to get away. So I was got home about 5:40. After a few minutes we left and headed down to the pier and met Sue and company and walked out. Dinner was very nice, even if our placement let me talk to Sue and Derrick to Aidan. I presume that robot_grrl and Alan talked as well.

After we were done, we walked back and then down to the beach -- which I think Aidan treated as a giant sand box. We continued to talk on the beach for another hour or so and then headed home. Before leaving we made tentative plans to meet for breakfast before they had to fly back to Albuquerque.

This morning we got up and headed to the Coco's in UTC for breakfast. After breakfast, they wanted to take a walk for a while. After a bit of checking on the map on my G1, I decided the best place nearby for a walk was Ellen Scripps Browning park in La Jolla. Having taken a good look at the map, I was actually able to find the area (I got lost the last couple of times). We wandered around the park for a while and then down onto the bluff access. Leaving was a bit of a problem because Aidan (who is 4) thought that if he didn't say good-bye they wouldn't have to leave.

After we got back home, I headed out to The Sports Authority and then PetCo. At The Sports Authority I very, very, quickly located what looks like a decent -- but not the best quality -- shelter that was on sale for about $60.00, normally about $100.00. I'm sure that this one isn't as good or durable as the ones that cost more, but I'm hoping that it will work for a few weekends a year. I then went to PetCo to get food and stuff for both the dog at cat.

While I was shopping, Tara made her famous (at least in DuPage fandom) deviled eggs.

Once I got back and unpacked my car, I loaded the shelter and other supplies into Tara's car, and got a few things including the dog and took a walk to Buddy Todd park for the Anime Los Angeles picnic.

The walk was nice for me, but tiring for the dog -- which means he probably needs more long walks. Tara and Derrick arrived and got most of the stuff out of the car first, and let hazelchaz know who we were (finding out that I missed something in the animelosangeles Live Journal announcement about letting them know we were coming, not that that was too big of a deal). We got the shelter set up -- but Chas and one other person ended up helping out since it was not quite cooperating with the two person setup instructions. Once that was set up we put the dog stake under the shelter, which was also under a tree and hooked the dog up.

We enjoyed talking to people, even though the picnic was also serving as a volunteer and staff recruitment event and probably ate too much. And Derrick enjoyed playing with the kids on the playground.

At this point our plan for tonight is to get the kid to bed early and then get up for the earlier church service and then head to the renaissance faire in Escondido.


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