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Another busy Saturday

Today was a very busy day, and tomorrow looks similar.

First up this morning was bleeding. Both Derrick and I had to bleed -- just I had to bleed a lot more, and got to eat first. I had a blood donation appointment, and Derrick needed a fasting blood draw. Since both the blood bank and the clinic with the lab were in the same direction, I had robot_grrl drop me off at the blood bank. Unfortunately, in the process of leaving the house, the orders for the lab work got left. So they had to double back before going to the clinic. By the time I was ready to leave (I bleed fast, at least into bags, and recover pretty well), they were still waiting. So I walked all the way from Oceanside to Vista -- about 3 blocks -- and met them at the clinic. By the time we were done (the lab waiting room was packed when they checked in), it was nearly lunch time. So we went to Chick Fil A and got some lunch.

Once we were home, we changed our cloths, and went to the SCA Canton of Summergate Anniversary event at the park about a mile from the house. We took the dog with us, but I didn't walk over.

Since it was already getting somewhat late, and we wanted to go to church tonight, we didn't stay long. We did meet up with one of Tara's co-workers and her son and granddaughter (who I don't think were father and daughter, but uncle and niece). We watched some of the fighting, and Derrick expressed some interest in Youth Combat. Since Summergate has moved their youth combat practices to Sunday afternoons, this should be doable. I do need to look up the Caid rules for protection and see if we can acquire it. I may also look up the fencing rules, but I'm not sure I'll have time to start fencing between Karate and my other activities.

The dog was pretty good. However, the heavy fighting bothered him for some reason. I'm not sure if it was the noise of them bashing into each other, or the people with their faces hidden. He also was a bit shy around the Barron's dog who was trying to introduce herself, and not shy around another dog that wasn't happy to see him.

After we got back from the event, we changed back into our mundane clothes -- for mundane values that includes DucKon t-shirts -- and I went to Costco where a copy of the classic Around The World in 80 Days found its way into my cart, along with the fruit I was planning on getting and some other food stuffs.

We then went to church, got dinner at Pick-up-stix and headed home, where I did some work on the DucKon database.

Tomorrow, we are going to a large street fair in Carlsbad, and then to the ComStation Z meeting in Mission Valley.

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