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Trip Report -- Days 3 and 4

Trip Report, Part 3

On Tuesday, August 2, we spent our second day in Edinburgh. After eating the breakfast that was left in our room (the previous morning we didn't get breakfast, probably because of the confusion over which room we were supposed to be staying in). After that we got an early start, or at least much earlier than we got on Monday. We headed up to the top of the High Street, this time by taking a couple of flights of stairs rather than walking up the road on either side.

At the tartan shop and mill just below the castle, we got our picture taken in highland dress. From the smell, and warmth, I could confirm that much of what I was wearing was made from wool, which I should have expected.

We then visited the Camera Obscura, where Derrick had loads of fun using a white card to pick up the images of people walking on the street just down from the castle. After this we walked a ways down the high street, getting lunch at a small sandwich shop and continued on down.

At another shop I got a new mid-weight coat - which happens to be a coat supporting Scotland's national rugby team. At the same shop, we got Derrick an official rugby shirt.

Continuing down, we stopped at a thrift shop selling stuff to support a vetranary charity where Tara got some new socks and barely used shoes. From there we visited the Museum of Childhood, which was crowded, but had a nice collection.

After that we worked our way down the high street into Cannongate. There we decided to catch one of the tour loop buses, which took us back up near our hotel. Since the tickets we got were good for 24 hours, we knew that we'd be able to board the same busses again on Wednesday.

After a brief stop at the hotel, we got dinner at a the Filling Station, where I noticed the menu was very similar to the menu at Garfunkle's the night before.

After dinner, Derrick went to bed and Tara and I rearranged our bags to pack for the trip to Glasgow on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, we again ate the in-room breakfast. After that we finished packing and took our bags to the room the hotel has set aside to hold bags for departing guests.

We then took the tour bus to the Dynamic Earth. Derrick throughly enjoyed this museum, which looks at the natural history of Earth is an entertaining and fairly informative way.

After getting lunch in the cafe at the museum we caught the bus back to the stop near our hotel, got our bags and caught a taxi to the train station. We got to the station just a few minutes before the next train to Glasgow was scheduled to depart. We were able to go straight on board, settle our luggage and work our way to the first class compartment.

The trip to Glasgow was quick and uneventful. We got to Glasgow, arriving at the Queen Street station, and got a cab to the Hilton where we'll be staying during the convention.

Worldcon starts on Thursday, so I'm unlikely to have much more to report until next Tuesday when we leave for London.


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