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A Couple of Musical Observations - RonO's Ramblings — LiveJournal

May. 2nd, 2009 09:46 pm A Couple of Musical Observations

I have a couple of mostly unrelated observations about music.

The other morning when I was taking Derrick to school, I had the XM Christian channel on, and heard a song titled "Another Hallelujah" by Lincoln Brewster. I didn't have it turned up very loud, but quickly got the impression that it was the same tune as the song "Hallelujah" that I've mostly heard from Wild Mercy. I'm sufficiently familiar with the Wild Mercy version to know that, even taking into account the title and chorus, it was not a song I'd associate with a well known worship leader.

After doing some research, tonight I purchased and downloaded Lincoln Brewster's All To You... Live album which included "Another Hallelujah." {I didn't do this just to hear the whole song, I could have just bought the track for that, I like Lincoln Brewster, thanks in large part to Brian Hogan, the worship pastor at Wheaton Bible Church}. Once I listened to "Another Hallelujah" without the distraction of driving, I was able to confirm it is the same tune, and chorus, but with lyrics worthy of any good praise song.

The more time I spend at New Venture Christian Fellowship, the more I'm noticing that they tend to sing though most of the praise songs too many times. From this I realized that for most praise choruses, and I'm sure similar songs, after three or four times through the same lyrics it looses all meaning and focus. For me, at least, this actually detracts from the worship experience. If my mind is drifting because I'm bored of signing the same lines over and over again, I'm not likely to have it drift into deeper spiritual areas. Instead, I'll start noticing how the graphics are being run, and which singers are out of tune -- things like that.

I've noticed that in most cases NVCF does fewer songs in the same amount of time, or the same number of songs in a longer time, then Wheaton Bible Church -- which is my main point of comparison not spent much time in any other church's services recently. I always felt more worshipful and more fed by the praise part of worship at WBC than I do at NVCF. And, frankly, that is probably one of the biggest problems I'm having feeling 100% at home there.

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Date:May 3rd, 2009 11:40 am (UTC)
Instead, I'll start noticing how the graphics are being run, and which singers are out of tune -- things like that.

Welcome to my world. Being a former (and current) theater techie, I find myself critiquing the tech and the actors/singers whenever I attend any sort of live performance - especially if the acting/singing/whatever are unable to hold my attention for whatever reason. I start noticing that the light guy just blew a cue, or the sound mix is a bit off, or the timing of the last bit wasn't quite right.

If the errors are particularly egregious, it becomes almost painful for me - like the last time I attended a Van Halen concert. At 2 minutes into the performance, I realized the sound man didn't know what he was doing. At 4 minutes in, I realized that I could do better with my butt in a bedpan - and I haven't mixed for rock in almost 30 years.