RonO (rono_60103) wrote,

Bit Less Busy Sunday

Today wasn't quite as busy as yesterday.

We didn't sleep in this morning, even though we went to church last night, but instead got moving pretty normally for a Sunday. About 8:30 or 9:00 we headed to the Carlsbad Street Fair, reportedly the largest one day street fair in the country, or world.

We didn't drive to the nearer parking area at Plaza Camino Real -- down the hill from our house just across CA-78. Instead we drove through most of Carlsbad on I-5 and parked at the Poinsettia train station. We got their fairly early, about 10:00, before the crowds got too big. We walked around and covered about half of the fair. There were a number of interesting booths, but mostly picked up free stuff. robot_grrl did buy me a Route 66 print tropical (or Aloha) shirt to add to my growing collection, and we picked up a silly guard duck sign that can join the duck crossing sign at DucKon registration. About 11:00, after we passed through the main food area looking for the porta-potties, Derrick insisted on having some lunch, which Tara shared. I satisfied myself with a smoothie. However, I did get a bowl of guacamole and chips a bit later.

We left about 12:30, picking up a couple of loves of bread from a bakery in Santa Yasbel, provided by one of the Rotary Clubs around here.

When we got back to the Poinsettia station, we killed a few minutes by looking at the model live-work spaces at Bluewater Crossing next to the train station. If we were in a bit different situation with our family, budgets etc., it would be very tempting to buy one of them.

We aren't sure what to put downstairs, since restaurants and the like are not allowed in the first floor work spaces, which otherwise would have been Tara's first thought for a business to run out of the space. However, we later hit upon the idea of a pet boutique. I also thought that if I didn't have to work, and had spent another few years with National Karate to become an instructor (instead of a one-step-below black belt), I might also think about opening a NK school there (presuming that I could convince the owners of the system to expand to San Diego)

But given the need to deal with all of our stuff (the total space, not counting the first floor work space, is less than our current house where a lot of our stuff is in the garage still packed), have a room for Derrick and guests, and room for the dog and cat, we probably couldn't make it work -- at least not without filling the work space with living space instead of a business; and that would make it a bit more expensive than we could really afford.

After that, we headed to Mission Valley, where we finally made a meeting -- or other event -- for ComStation Z. They were gathered at an IHOP, which was much better than we had feared based on the Chicago area locations. After eating, we did have a formal meeting, and we contributed at least a bit (largely by saying how nice it was to have some gatherings on weekends instead of Tuesdays when I have Karate and the rest of the family has to be in bed.

After leaving, I made the observation that -- not unlike my first Boy Scout Roundtable meeting in Illinois in 1989 -- that even though we didn't know any of the faces, we'd met most of the personalities before.

On the way home, Tara and I also discussed how we are still debating should we stay in Oceanside (or elsewhere in Coastal North County) once we are (hopefully) able to buy a house this summer or fall; or if we should try to find a place closer to the core of San Diego where we could socialize easier.

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