RonO (rono_60103) wrote,

Didn't look like a good example...

This morning while my southbound coaster was sitting at the Solana Beach station waiting for a northbound Surfliner to come into the station, I looked across to the platform where the other train was due, to see a transit cop standing on the very edge of the platform with his feet practically hanging into the open space where a train would soon be. Knowing that a train was due at any time, I thought that that wasn't the wisest move.

To his credit, he was at the end of the platform closest to the oncoming train and had a good view down the tracks to see it and back away. I think he was talking to someone on the other platform and had to get past the front of my train to see them. But he should have been setting an example by staying behind the "stay behind the yellow line" line.

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