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Feeling Wimpy and Annoyed for Unrealted Reasons - RonO's Ramblings

May. 15th, 2009 07:53 am Feeling Wimpy and Annoyed for Unrealted Reasons

Today is "Bike to Work Day" in San Diego. As recently as last night, I had seriously considered -- since robot_grrl didn't have to work today -- riding to the train station and then riding from the train station to work. This morning, in the few minutes between alarms, I realized that I was still too tired from last nights Karate class to want to even think about trying to climb the hill between the station and here, nor play dodge-em with the cars in downtown Oceanside. Before I tackle riding part of the way to work, I think I need to practice riding around the neighborhood so I get better at getting up hills without completely winding myself.

Then when I was going through my e-mail this morning, I got two notices from Face Book. First, someone had gone in an renamed the "~* Weight Watchers *~" group to imply that Weight Watchers members do not have legitimate parentage. This net.vandal then sent a message to the members of the now renamed Face Book group insulting all of us greatly. I've made an attempt to report this to Face Book, but their reporting mechanism doesn't give me 100% confidence that the report will get to the right person or team to truly investigate this problem.

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