RonO (rono_60103) wrote,

One of those days

Mind you it is only 9:23 my time, and today may be shaping up, at least a bit, to be "One of those days."

The two clues as to where I am today should have come when I was about to get of the train this morning and found myself reaching into my pocket for my car keys. Then a few minutes later I noticed myself putting the key to my office back into my pocket as I was walking between the outside door (badge access) and my office. Clearly, part of my mind didn't want to work.

Then I got the preliminary "requirements" from the users of the large tool I'm supposed to take over maintaining with a major redesign. The good news is that this looks like a sizable project. The bad news is that this looks like it is going to be a sizable project. On top of that, it will be pushing me into new areas, but not ones I mind too much being pushed into.

The users would like the system -- an online performance trend analysis system with a database back-end, to be more graphical, and flexible. The current system is implemented in OO PHP, with some javascript assistance (including the graphing, I believe). I'm 90% sure that the new system will be limited to PHP and javascript with perhaps some Perl. (I am going to confirm the server setup to make sure that there it doesn't already have tomcat running which might allow me to migrate to Java/JSP for a bit less learning, but I'm 98% sure that isn't going to be the case). so I looks like I'm going to have to, and probably fairly quickly, pick up some more advanced PHP (including dealing with the OO variant), as well as Javascript (I've looked at the code before) and more advanced web design.

Of course, if anyone here wants to offer advice on where to go for help with getting up to speed on this stuff, I won't object.

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