RonO (rono_60103) wrote,

Sometimes win-win doesn't work out

As part of my next project, I'm probably going to have to learn some JavaScript. I'm not all that good at learning programming languages either by reading the books, nor by working on silly exercises that don't either interest me or have a real consequence (like a grade or work commitment).

But it occurred to me that I could use JavaScript to fix the way that the search function is implemented on the web front-end to the DucKon registration database. Currently, when a user presses a search button, it loads a new page with the search form. This should be easily fixable with JavaScript to make the search buttons pop up a request dialog and enter the search data, then submit the form.

But before I even got into trying to find out how to do a form submit from JavaScript, I ran into a problem with the way I implemented the search servlet (the web front end is in Java/JSP). For a search I need two pieces of information: which field I'm searching on, last name or badge name, and the search string. As implemented, the search field is put into the session information table in the database, and only the search string is passed as a form parameter. And, the session information table only gets updated when data is posted to a servlet. So, in order to make this change, I'd have to update both the servelet and the main page. Still very doable, but not easy to accomplish from work due to the way I can work on this stuff (through an SSH session). It also pushes beyond the idea that since I'm building up skills for my work project while working on an outside project, I can do it at work.

Oh well.

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