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Another weird idea from my dreams

Once again, this morning I awoke from a dream trying to, at least sort of, make what I dreamed practical.

In this case, I was dreaming that I was trying to help get my parent's house ready to host a number of Worldcon room parties. Specifically, I was trying to do some last minute picking up of my old bedroom (not in its current use as my Dad's computer lab) while some other group I basically didn't know was starting to set up their party in there.

As my pesky conscious mind started working on what it had seen, I came up with the idea of some sort of a device that would create short-lived pocket universes based on the non-living content of a dwelling, and then allow access to that copy through a door like portal that could be set up on an otherwise blank wall. This would allow people to host their room parties in copies of their home or apartment, rather than in a hotel room or ballroom.

Ignoring the small fact that this requires technology that comes from the worlds of science fantasy, this would offer a few nice advantages. First, you can put all of the parties somewhere away from any sleeping rooms. Second, at least technically these parties shouldn't need corkage or forkage waivers either, since they wouldn't be being held on hotel premises -- the hotel would simply be hosting the transportation hub between them.

Then the pesky practical part of me decided that this SF technology would need to account for several things. First the matter and energy utilized during the existence of the pocket universe would need to come from somewhere. We wouldn't want people finding themselves literally breathless when the cross back into the regular universe since most of the air in their bodies only existed in the pocket universe. Plus, there is the issue of electricity, gas, water and other stuff that comes into our homes without us usually thinking about it.

So, I finally decided that this SF tech will require two units. One will be placed into the house and will somehow identify the boundaries and the non-living content. Once the other unit is activated, the pocket universe will be instantiated with a copy of all of the non-living things in the house -- that is everything except for guests, pests, pets and plants {which I think flows off the tongue nicely} -- and opens a portal through an identified doorway, sealing all other exits. Then, any matter brought in from the regular universe through the portal continues to exist normally. If matter or energy is needed from one of the other portals (power lines, windows, gas lines, etc.) it will be created in the pocket universe and pulled in and destroyed (or transferred by some other means) from the regular universe. Similarly any matter from the pocket universe that is removed will be replaced by the equivalent matter from the regular universe.

This would allow someone to simply decorate their home for the "room" party, set up the device at that location, and then head off to the con. Once they were ready for regular setup, the would activate the device and do their final work. Depending on how much extra it would cost to transfer food and other consumable items through the pocket universe, it might be better still to buy most of the supplies at the site of the party.

One other benefit I just thought of: if you could create portals to other pocket universes from your party, Worldcon and other bid organizations could actually show samples of their facilities. "See, if you just walk through that doorway -- yea I know it looks like it leads onto our porch -- you'll see the main ballroom of the convention center. And we have one of the standard guest rooms in our headquarters hotel located where the garage would normally be."

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