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Day At The Park

In this case, the San Diego Wild Animal Park.

Today, robot_grrl, Derrick and I spent most of the day at the San Diego Wild Animal Park. We did a lot, but not quite everything. I did shoot 3 rolls of film using ancient technology, and these photos are available on Picasa at {I'm mildly impressed that Google automatically mapped "San Diego Wild Animal Park" correctly as the location of the photos in the folder}

We had a pretty good time, and saw a lot of animals and perhaps too many people, and a bit too much sun (even through the sun screen and hats).

A Minolta SLR Doing a seat of my pants calculation, with what I spent on 3 rolls of film and processing, I probably could afford a decent digital SLR body for somewhere in the 10-12 day (30-36 roll) range. Before Australia next year, I'll have to decide if it is worth it.

{Interestingly, in 1999, I got my first digital camera mostly because I wasn't sure I wanted to carry the SLR to Australia. Now I'm thinking that I may want to get a digital SLR before going to Australia next year because I don't like the pictures our digital point-and-shoot take for things like scenery and animals.}

One other thing I decided today is that if I want to be taking good, or at least better, pictures at places like the Wild Animal Park, I'm going to need a better zoom. What I have now is the lens that came with the camera, which is a typical hybrid mostly wild angle and it just could not zoom in well on all of the animals -- especially from the driving tour.

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