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Temporary or Interim Soultion - RonO's Ramblings — LiveJournal

May. 28th, 2009 08:34 pm Temporary or Interim Soultion

This evening, after the second time of not being able to face returning to the karate school after the pointless and torturous belt test, I decided that at least as a work around I could at least get a free-standing heavy bag and practice my kicks and punches against it. So, I headed out in search of one. After stopping at 3 stores -- not counting the side trip to PetCo for cat food -- I found one that I could trust at the newly opened Dick's. (The Sports Authority didn't have any free-standing bags, and Big 5 had no prices nor anyone to ask). I also picked up a mat so that I can do things like sit ups and push ups on our very hard floor. In time, I may also pick up some padded tiles to go under, or at least around, the bag so I can move more comfortably on the concrete patio.

Tonight, I was tired and bored after about 20 minutes -- so I'll need to work on ways to keep myself motivated. I did a quick warm up of Mister Masney's 30-30-30 (squats, push-ups and sit-ups) and did several minutes of punches before lowering the bag for kicks and some punch-kick combinations. I also did not nearly enough slow hook-round-side kick combinations, using Ms. Langley's "slingshot of fun."

I also want to add in some other traditional activities (form, marching). I won't be able to practice any of National Karate's self defense since none of my potential partners would be safe, and I won't do a throw without much better padding than I have.

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