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Other Ramblings - RonO's Ramblings

May. 31st, 2009 05:26 pm Other Ramblings

A few other quick posts rolled into one.

Last night, I wrote a letter to the head of the National Karate Schools, the head of the 4 Chicago schools and will copy the director, head instructor and instructors at the Bartlett school letting them know how much I appreciate NK especially after what I've experienced in Oceanside.

This afternoon after Church and pizza at a place next to the theater in Vista, robot_grrl, Derrick and I all went to see Up. We enjoyed this immensely -- like every other Pixar movie I've seen (all except for A Bug's Life. I think, however, Derrick enjoyed a good action/adventure movie, where Tara and I enjoyed a good sentimental movie about fulfilling dreams, with a lot of action elements. I'll admit that there were a few times that I was having trouble seeing, and not because of the 3-D glasses (which I don't think were working for me 100%, since a couple of times I could see artifacts of the 3-D process) -- my eyes were misting up. Afterwards we went across the street -- essentially a driveway for the shopping center, even if it is an official Vista street -- to the Cold Stone Creamery for a desert/snack.

Next Saturday looks to be somewhat busy. The current plans are for Derrick and I to drive to Lake Forest (about 45-50 minutes into Orange County) to Saddleback Church's Father/Child Car Show. Although Derrick is much more into cars than I am (I'm a practical car guy -- I want a car that does the job I have, not one that is fancy and certainly not one that looks like a hot wheel), I think we'll both enjoy it. Since I leave for the weekend at DucKon the following Wednesday, and he leaves to spend 6 weeks in Rockford the following Thursday, this will be the last opportunity for us to do any Father/Son type stuff -- something that we've not done enough of lately as it is -- until after Worldcon.

The Car show runs from 8:00 to noon, so we'll try to get there about 8:00 and get back by 11:00 or so. After that we will also venture down to Poway to have lunch with and then meet with the Com Station Z people -- the San Diego SF club that we've been doing some stuff with.

(As an aside, if I'm not going to feel as committed to taking Tuesday and Thursday Karate classes, I may take the opportunity to go to some of the regular Com Station Z Tuesday night gatherings, and possibly the SCA's Thursday night events).

Next Sunday will probably only be church.

In addition, Tara and Derrick will join his class at Sea World on Thursday. Since I think that I can get the season passes for about the same price as their group tickets, I'll stop by the Qualcomm store tomorrow and get 3 of those, two of which they can use, and the third I can use at some point or points with them (or just with Tara) before the year runs out.

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