RonO (rono_60103) wrote,

Looking like our parents

Last week, my brother posted a new photo on FaceBook (showing off his new shorter hairdo). I was struck with how much he looked like our father in the picture. Of course with a bit of analysis, I realized that my brother isn't that much younger (~8 years) than my father was 20 years ago when I quit seeing him on a more or less day to day basis.

But when I shared that with my mom over the weekend, she told me that recently my dad put on one of my sister's "Indiana Jones" hats and then saw a reflection of his father in the glass door to the kitchen.

I don't know if in another five to ten years if I'll start looking like my father, however. Where my brother, and younger sister, are shaped more like my father, my older sister and I are shaped more like my mother. So, even without the 70 extra pounds I was carrying (a lot of it in my face) my face shape may remain enough different to keep me looking less like my dad.

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