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Wrong Turn in OC - RonO's Ramblings — LiveJournal

Jun. 6th, 2009 12:06 pm Wrong Turn in OC

This morning, I took Derrick to the Car Show at Saddleback Church. We had a good time, but clearly his taste in cars and mine are not common: he liked the hot rods and the cars with the sporty ticky-tack; whereas I preferred the nicely restored older cars such as the 1934 Packard or the 1924 (IIRC) Ford Model T roadseter.

But when we went to leave, I took a left where I should have taken a right and started heading east instead of west to I-5. Before I had a chance to turn around, or even pull off for directions, the road had looped north and then west into Orange. Once there, I fond a shopping center where I could pull off and check the map, only to find we were just a few blocks for CA-55 which I could have taken south to I-5 -- except I got into the HOV lane which didn't exit to it. I ended up on I-405 instead, but sill got home almost in time.

robot_grrl did inform me that are Chicago Realtor had called before I got home but would be calling back (a call I'm still waiting for). Hopefully he calls soon since we need to head to Poway before 1:00 to get gas on the way to the ComStation Z meeting.

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