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I *MAY* Have Found the Problem - RonO's Ramblings

Jun. 6th, 2009 06:21 pm I *MAY* Have Found the Problem

As I mentioned here, dave_ifversen and I have been fighting with getting the DucKon badges printed. Basically the problem we are having, and had last year, is that only a small corner of the badge prints.

This afternoon, after we got home from the ComStation Z meeting, I took a look at the code to see if I could find out where and how we are setting up the page size and layout for the Java print stuff, and found that in the code for generating this year's badges -- and I presume in the code that I adapted it from that we used for last year's badges -- two lines that are commented out. The two lines in question set the size and "imageable area" for the printout. Left in tact, they were probably left to run with a default value.

Now I'm left with one question: Why *did* this work last year from my computer at home, but not from the at con computer or anything connected to a badge printer this year?

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