RonO (rono_60103) wrote,

... More Than I Could Chew

To kill time, get some exrecise and keep from snacking, I took my bike out for a spin. Unfortunately, I'm bad with hills and tired myself getting up the first hill. By the time I got to the Fousset entrance to the San Luis Rey bike trail, I was exhausted. After less than half a mile on the trail (<5 miles total), I turned around and am now sitting on some benches near the parking lot resting, and debating resting more, calling robot_grrl for a pickup, or riding to a bus stop and taking the bus. The last option would be my first choice if I had my pass, but I keep it with my badge, not with me.

<Edit 3:43pm PDT>

I ended up riding a bit down the other way on the trail, when Tara called me back (she was on the phone when I called just after the first part of the post), and then rode, and walked when I couldn't ride, back home -- which was basically straight up Fousset (which is not straight, but is up from Mission to Mesa) to Mesa, and then up Mesa to our road (albeit with a different name) and then straight down (and it is down) to the house).

I'm more tired than I should be, and I've given up many thoughts of riding my bike to either train station this summer. I need to work on getting into riding condition first -- and I'm not sure how other than riding up and down hills. (I won't object to any suggestions).

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