RonO (rono_60103) wrote,

It Was a DucKon part 1

About 4 hours ago, DucKon 18 officially ended. It was a successful convention, I think most of the people had a good time, and I am a bit tired.

Friday, robot_grrl took off after a breakfast at Einstein Brothers to visit with some of her former co-workers.

I spent some time in the room, and then later downstairs, adjusting the registration program to be able to print out a press badge. I had made sure it could print a badge a few years ago, but had never made it so that it would be visible under our current badges (we switched from portrait to landscape last year). This took a little while, but I had it working before we had to set up too far.

About 10:00, my staff started showing up and we got the room set up. Fairly early on, Dave (not dave_ifversen) who was helping out on my staff this year (and we hope to get him back for next year) made the very welcome suggestion that we get a table from the hotel to keep stuff on along the wall away from the computers (and by the door).

We were set up and got opened easily by 1:00. The next 9 hours disappeared into their usual haze. About 10:00 we started shutting down, and I made a final run to take the cash to the safe deposit, and the cash box and other stuff to Ops for overnight registration. By the time I got back, Helen had been dealing with a steady trickle of latecomers who were getting badges. By about 10:35 or 10:40 we managed to get the door shut and I took the additional cash to the cash box and finally caught up with robot_grrl and we hit up some parties. The party scene was pretty quiet this year, but there were a few. We put in an appearance at the Chicago in 2012 bid party, and spent a few minutes in the Minicon party. We then returned to our room and went to bed.

Tara wants to check her e-mail. So I'll continue later.


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