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Reported on the Caid (SCA) Lists -- SCA Rapiers for Soliders in Afganstan

I just saw the following come across the SCA list for the Kingdom of Caid. I'm forwarding it hear in case anyone is interested. I personally can make no claims on the authenticity of the request:

PLEASE FORWARD: Things are needed by THL Donwenna La Mareschale so she may
do rapier practice with troops in Khandahar Afghanistan at one of the bases
there. Send questions to donwenna@gmail. Com [OMIT SPACES] The shipping
address where you should send equipment is at the end of this missive.

Duchess Katerina
Fwd: Re: Rapier Gear Needed in Afghanistan
Posted by: "Lori Taylor" visc_lore
Mon Jun 22, 2009 10:55 am (PDT)

Dear Cousins: Having finally caught up on some of my correspondence,
I read this message (originally forwarded, I believe, by Sir Jason
and Duchess Katerina) and thought - I *know* this good lady!! I
worked with THL Donwenna La Mareschale when she was Society
Equestrian Marshal and I was employed by the SCA Board of
Directors. She attended Barons' War (the precursor to Southern
Crusades) when it was held at the Pima County Fairgrounds, so several
of you may have met her also.

In her life outside the SCA, Dr. Donna DeBonis is a veterinarian who
for many years had her own practice in both California and Washington
(state), who wrote me this:

>The Army needed veterinarians and so I joined last year. I got all
>the training I needed within several mos and volunteered to be
>deployed. Although I must admit Afghanistan was not really on my
>list of places to see. Speaking of which it is pretty bleak here;
>SCA is really a welcome addition and does provide entertainment not
>only for us but for the soldiers to watch us. ;'>
>I hope we get some rapier gear cause we are going to lose our loaner
>stuff here in a month! As for things to send, we need any rapier
>gear that you may have hanging around. It seems that is the most
>exciting fun for folks to watch and try. Simple tabards to go over
>the fencing jackets would add a nice touch.
>Despite the fact that I am in a war zone, I love being an Army
>veterinarian. We have an excellent training program and are really
>appreciated for our skills. It is wonderful to be able to do heroic
>measures on the Working Dogs--they get the best of care. It is a
>real pleasure and I finally can live up to my ideals of veterinary
>medicine . The Army itself is very interesting with its own culture
>but surprisingly I find myself thriving here based on what I learned
>about politics and human relationships in the SCA.
>Here in Kandahar, I am on a NATO Base that has about 20K people. It
>is simply mindboggling...and what's more we get rockets lobbed in
>here weekly. Military vehicles are everywhere and folks use them
>casually to travel on base all the time. Almost everyone here wears
>uniforms --it is very interesting to see what each country has to
>wear and then to be able to ID from a distance. Although I must
>admit my fave is the Blackwatch--those guys are just
>so...cocky...they wear their green berets at a jaunty angle with a
>spray of red feathers and a tartan belt! Most of these fellows are
>rather short and spare but they remind me of terriers--a big dog in
>a little body. ;'>

I personally have the greatest respect and admiration for her as a
Lady, a Vet, and a member of our Armed Forces. I hope anyone who has
rapier gear they could pass along would consider supporting her
cause. I would even be willing to serve as a collection point and
assume the responsibility of sending donated items to her.

If someone would please forward this additional information along to
any rapier lists to which you belong, I would be very grateful.

YIS, Lore

Visc. Lore de Lorraine, Pel.
Barony of TirYsgithr, Kingdom of Atenveldt
mka Lori Taylor - Tucson, Arizona
On Thu, Jun 18, 2009 at 2:53 PM, Donwenna <donwenna@gmail.> wrote:
Greetings everyone,

Thanks for the support!

Great minds think alike! We do use a sign up sheet and offer it to folks
to sign up after they accept an info flyer. I'll see if the flyer will
attach here in my next email. I ask for name, email and cell #. Then after
each practice, I add the new emails to my list. & send out a greeting/mini-
report. You may have noticed the long list of individuals' addys with my
original posting--thats all the people who have signed up so far.

As for things to send, we need any rapier gear that you may have hanging
around. It seems that is the most exciting fun for folks to watch and try.
Simple tabards to go over the fencing jackets would add a nice touch.

993rd MED DET (VS)

Donwenna La Mareschale www.lanceofstanne. com
Send Questions to donwenna@gmail. Com [OMIT SPACES]

second e-mail with updated information
Greetings CAID!
Thanks for forwarding my email far and wide and eventually I see that it has
landed back in my old home , Caid.

I just corrected my shipping address below (should be 09355) . Please feel
free to double check with me as well before you ship, so I can give a
head's up to my Unit to expect big stuff.

993rd MED DET (Veterinary Service)

Please omit my rank. ;'>
Thanks for all your support!
Donwenna La Mareschale

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