RonO (rono_60103) wrote,

*Fun* Day

Today has turned out much more interesting than we'd originally expected.

This weekend (which does include last night, so I'll be including last night) I am working at the Church doing my usual graphics job (i.e. making sure that the words and pictures end up on the screen with the help of the video/camera people). But, since The Katinas were leading worship this weekend and had their own person for the music part of the service, I only had to deal with the sermon notes.

For the most part I could enjoy the music. But, the sound tech for The Katinas is either used to a much larger venue, with the sound board less than half way back, already going deaf, or just used to driving the system too loud. Yesterday during rehearsal I measured over 90 db on the on an application on my Android phone (G1), but it wasn't quite as bad during the service. Today, however, it was still uncomfortably loud.

Unfortunately, the sermons were still a problem. The pastor seems to be have a worse time the last couple of months with keeping track of where he is in the sermon. This weekend, at all three sermons he almost missed the main points he'd included in his outline -- which he also did last Sunday at the service we were at. He also hit most of the same themes, but in three completely different orders.

robot_grrl and I are both reaching the point of looking for a new church. We are also having problems with the worship (which may get better once the new worship pastor is running things). The only problem is that over the next couple of months we'll only be home a couple of the weekends, and at least one of those I'm committed to working at the current church. So that will leave us with one week next month to check stuff out.

At least I've got a list of churches to try that sound good, or at least OK.

For lunch, Tara and I finally took advantage of a coupon for a free appetizer and bottle of sauce from Famous Dave's. Lunch was, as we expected good. We ended up getting rib tips as our appetizer since none of the other choices sounded good to both of us -- and several had either red meet or onions so one or other of us couldn't eat it.

After lunch, Tara left to get an oil change and I headed to get my hair cut.

The hair cut went quickly, and I got home as I expected, before her.

While I was waiting for Tara, she called. Apparently, the oil change people broke something in her car. So, I grabbed the dog so we could give him a bath (before a coupon at the self-service dog wash expired) and picked Tara up and we took the dog for his bath. Of course the dog thought that he was being punished, or at least picked on horribly. As a result, we ended up with a somewhat cleaner (but no less shedding) dog, but both wet and covered with dog hair.

After getting home, I checked online and found that there were no car rental places open closer than Lindbergh airport. Possibly, if I hadn't had the dog and headed straight for Palomar airport (in Carlsbad, much closer than Lindbergh) we could have rented a car, but the places there had all closed (I'm guessing that the last of the flights into there had already arrived).

Since Tara has to be at work at midnight, and I have to be at work we were thinking that I'd have to walk to the bus to catch the train (I'll do that on Wednesday so Tara can pick me up at work and we can head to Tempe without me coming back to Oceanside first). But I just realized that Tara will be off work by 8:30, so if I work from home until then, we can drop her off at the oil change place where she can wait for her car to get fixed and then head into work. After that I should still be able to make the ConDor meeting.

Not the greatest Sunday, but not bad either. At least this will be a short week, with what I hope will be a fun weekend following.


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