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Had to save a couple of bucks (CAD) - RonO's Ramblings

Jul. 10th, 2009 10:00 pm Had to save a couple of bucks (CAD)

While I won't like having to move hotels mid trip -- especially with having to take a cab or on the metro -- but we decide to save a fair amount by staying somewhere other than the Delta Centre-ville for the first few nights we are in Montreal. We should be at the Delta the day before the convention begins (having the con on exactly the same days of the year as the last one makes this easy -- having our move in date also our wedding anniversary also helps). But prior to that (from the previous Saturday, August 1) we'll be at a Comfort Inn. I just hope that its OK.

I'll admit I feel a bit guilty about being outside of the room block, but I'm also pretty sure that the economics of a Worldcon are a bit different, and that the room block in the hotels doesn't pay for as much of the function space as at a smaller event. (I felt guilty about not being at the Tempe Mission Palms last weekend for the same reason)

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