RonO (rono_60103) wrote,

ComicCon Newbie Question

Since this will be my (and robot_grrl's) first time(*) at the San Diego Comic-Con, I have a couple of silly "newbie" type questions.

1: Will we get anything similar to the pocket programs that we get at most literary SF cons (not that the ones from the last several Worldcons did a good job of fitting in a pocket)? Or should I make sure that I have any items that I want to make sure I remember to try to go to are saved in the calendar on my phone or some other resource of my own.

2: On larger events, do they clear the room in between? More specifically, if I'm at a panel and want to also attend the next one in the same room, am I potentially out of luck since I'll be shunted outside and then be at the back of the line to get in for the next one?

3: For the masquerade, they say that tickets will be given out to people in line at 4:30. Do you need to stay in line at that point, or is it one line to get tickets and then another to get back in? If you do need to line up for the masquerade for four or more hours, is it really worth the price?

4: How badly to they over air-condition the convention center? I've been wearing shorts for the last couple of weeks (while last week and this week) but didn't on Saturday knowing that the movie theater would be too cold. I'd like to be comfortable both inside and outside. I'm pretty sure that the bay front area will be a bit more mild than Sorrento Valley/Sorrento Mesa and our neighborhood of Oceanside, but not by that much. So I'm pretty sure (if the weather holds like it is currently predicted) I'd rather have shorts on when outside, but what about inside?

5: Are we going to run into any silliness with bags, water bottles or anything like that? Or, as long as it isn't a weapon, I should be OK. On similar grounds, should I leave my leatherman at home or work?

(*)In 1998, I choose to not go to Comic-Con ranking it as the third choice of three activities that weekend, and choose instead to go to Burbank/L.A. to see my parents and help out with the American Valuating Association's national championships, and would have probably gone to the Mira Mar airshow had I stayed in San Diego. Of course since they I've been back living in the Chicago area and didn't even think about going until we decided to move back.

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