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Travel Report (SAN->YUL)

Yesterday was a long day of travel for robot_grrl and I, and not quite as long a travel day for Derrick. But we are all now safely in Montreal.

Tara and I got up early (at least for me) ate a light breakfast and headed for the airport about 4:00am. We got to the parking garage and shared a ride with another family. We were at the airport just about the time that United opened its desk at 5:00. The driver mentioned that it wasn't as crowded as it is at that time on a Monday, but the line for check in was stretching out the door. But, since we had checked in online the night before, we could get into the much shorter line to just check bags.

From there, it was quick to the gate (one strong point of the San Diego airport) where we sat for over an hour before they started loading the plane. The flight to Chicago was smooth and easy. Apparently the plane had gotten its new in-flight magazines, but not movies. So we got to watch Monsters vs. Aliens instead of some other movie that neither of us were interested in.

We got to O'Hare, and Tara called her parents to confirm that they were waiting in Terminal 2 and had Derrick checked in for our Air Canada Jazz flight while we were on our way to the gate. As we were getting off, I noticed that there was an Eli's Cheesecake booth just across from it, but I resisted. We were in the B concourse, so getting to terminal 2 was fairly easy and quick. We found our way to the middle security check. Tara took off everything she could (basically her boarding pass and passport, cloths and the stuff she was giving to her Mother and Grandmother and headed out.

Apparently, there was some miss-communication between us and Tara's mother. She thought that we'd both be coming outside and would spend much of our layover with them. But I had no desire to go through security twice if I could avoid it. They were disappointed, so we may need to find a way to get to Arizona for a weekend this winter to see Tara's parents and Grandmother.

While Tara was outside of security, I waited at one of the benches available for putting on shoes (I didn't feel too bad, I was sitting on the edge, and people were eating lunch on the other one). But when I spotted Derrick waiting for his carry on, I stood up and braced for the expected (and soon received) tackle hug.

Once both Tara and Derrick were through security, we headed over to the Johnny Rockets and had some lunch, and then waiting for our flight to Montreal.

While waiting, Tara got a text message from our Realtor, informing us that it looked like we were getting an offer. I texted him back and let him know we were at O'Hare for another hour or so, and he should call if he got firm confirmation. He got back to us with confirmation that there was an offer, and that he was e-mailing us the actual form. {Anyone on Facebook will have already seen this, since I can easily post there from my phone}

We got on our plane, and found that someone had chosen to sit in one of our window seats (we were in 3A, 3C and 3D, but she was sitting in 3D instead of 3B), so we gave Derrick the window seat and Tara and I took the aisle seats. Of course the fact that I bumped my head 3 times getting in and out of the various seats made me not mind too much (this was a tiny plane -- I could rub my head on the ceiling when walking back to the lavatory).

We got to Montreal, and spent about an hour getting through immigration (long line -- I'm guessing that a wide-body had just come in from Casablanca, and possibly others), getting our bags and then through customs.

One problem was that Tara and I had taken an extra bag (3 total) and Derrick had a very heavy rolling duffel. So I ended up taking both rolling duffels, one in each hand, while Derrick tried to drive my "spinner" bag. The only problem was that Derrick was having trouble with listening how to drive it and kept trying to push it the way that would make it easy to fall -- which it did at least once.

We found the ATM and then L'Aero Bus to take us to the bus station, conveniently around the corner from our first Hotel. We got on board and headed downtown. This took us another hour -- traffic was very bad both on the freeway and then downtown.

As we got close to the bus station, I noticed that a bunch of streets were closed. It turns out that there was some sort of a big outdoor concert going on just a couple of blocks from the bus station (and our hotel). But we did, eventually, get to the bus station. We also saw our hotel as we went past, so we were able to be sure how to get there.

The walk to the hotel wasn't too bad, but Derrick was over tired (he hadn't gotten to sleep as early as he should have, and never sleeps in when at his grandparents house -- they are early risers) so he wasn't listening real well, but we did get there. The final obstacles were that the hotel has steps to get into it, so we had to get the bags up the steps -- and I and someone sitting out front did most of the lifting. We got settled quickly and Derrick went to bed. I headed out and got some pizza at a restaurant just past the concert and then headed back and went to bed.

We are spending some of this morning organizing (especially Derrick's bag) and dealing with e-mail and stuff. We'll probably head out and play tourist somewhere soon.

We've given our Realtor a couple of counter offers and will hope to come to an agreement -- he's trying to also move the closing into August to save us a mortgage payment and them some interest. We are being fairly hopeful and optimistic about the house, but have been asking for prayers as well.


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