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RonO's Ramblings

Aug. 2nd, 2009 04:07 pm Montreal, Day 1

At this point, I'm mostly through our first day in Montreal.

This morning, we spent some time reorganizing some of the stuff in the room, mostly Derrick's bag. About 11:00 or so, we headed out, having decided to go to Parc Olympique (Olympic Park). We found our way to the Metro station at Berri-UQAM, got 3 day tourist passes, and headed to the Pie-IX stop, near Parc Olympique.

One thing I could quickly tell, was that 33, or probably a few more, years ago this station was sensibly built (or extended) since it connects directly to the Stade Olympique, near the ticket booths. I'm sure in 1976 it was very useful for getting a lot of spectators in and out of the main Olympic venue.

Since it was raining, we decided to at least start in the Biodome. Because of the long line, and the fact that smelling food on the way to the the train and then off the train got Tara hungry, we ended up having lunch at their cafe first. We then got in the long line to get tickets. After a surprisingly short wait given the length of the line, we got our tickets -- a package that included a ticked to the Tour Olympic, which we'll hit up on another day due to the weather.

While we were waiting, we got word from our realtor (actually his second call in just a few minutes) that we'd gotten to an acceptable price on the house. The sale is now moving forward! We have the inspections, including the FHA bug inspection, to get through. The buyers inspection should be OK unless they uncover damage that the tenants did that we missed. We'd done a sellers inspection about a year ago, and then fixed all (or at least most) of the things that were found. So, come early September, we should have the house off of our backs, and we'll just have to save as aggressively as possible to get the down payment for a new house.

The Biodome was very nice, with a good selection of both plants and animals. It was a bit more crowded than I'd have liked, but not too bad. They have a special exhibition including a film and several animals, about Madagascar. Alas, Derrick was obsessed with the characters from the film of that name, and didn't pay as much attention to the real details. The host/narrator for the film also had a very strong francophone accent and was a bit hard to understand.

I could see some signs of the buildings original purpose -- the Olympic Velodrome. The most obvious was that there were still some seats near where they had the lemurs, and the backs of the seat structure was visible at many places.

After that, we headed back to the hotel. Later we got some dinner at a nearby Lebanese chain. One observation I've made from having had Greek, Turkish, Lebanese and Palestinian food, is that they are all very similar -- and the differences often escape me.

At this point, Derrick and Tara are probably going to stay put. I'll be heading over to the Delta to meet with avt_tor to watch the pilot of a new TV series (and I'm just hoping that it doesn't quite live up to its billing of Grey's Anatomy with astronauts, but is not as much about who is sleeping with whom.

Tomorrow we'll start with the Tour Olympic, if the weather is good, and then do other stuff.

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