RonO (rono_60103) wrote,

Montreal, Day 2

Today was, at least supposed to be, another full day playing tourist in Montreal. But we had a bit of a detour that ate a lot of this morning.

Last night, I got a call from our realator informing us that the contract that we needed to sign was in my e-mail box. So before we could do anything else, we had to print, sign and fax this document. So I asked avt_tor where I might find a place to do that and he pointed me to a Staples (Bureau En Gros) around the corner from the Delta Centre-Ville. So we headed down there, and took care of what we needed to before heading back to the Parc Olympic.

We got there and worked our way quickly towards the tower. But, before we got there I noticed that the doors to the Centre Sportif were open and it looked like the public could go in. So, I talked robot_grrl and Derrick into indulging the Olympics Geek in me and go take a look at the aquatics facilities.

We spent probably 15 to 30 minutes looking at the various pools, and explaining to Derrick about platform diving (and how high the boards and platforms were -- from our vantage probably 100 meters or more away (well more than 50) they didn't look all that impressive).

The facility is still very nice, but would no longer be able to handle Olympic sized crowds, there aren't enough seats to come close! Further, I'm not sure there is enough area for the press either. It is interesting to see that all of the pools are in one building, and with one set of seats.

After that, we headed into the tower and took the fanuncular to the top and looked around. The view was very nice, and the weather was just about perfect. While up there, we ran into a fellow fan, who turns out to currently live in Albuquerque, and went to school in Chicago, as well as spending some time there while working on Betty Ann Hull's congressional campaign.

After that, we decided to not eat at any of the cafeterias at the Parc Olympic, and took the Metro to Place d'Armes and then walked into the lower level of the Palace des Congress. We soon found Noobox and had a very satisfying lunch. However, neither Derrick nor Tara could finish there's, so I had two boxes of Asian rice dishes in my backpack for the rest of the afternoon.

We went to the Tourist info desk in the Hotel Intercontinental and got directions to the Basilica de Notre Dame. We walked into Old Montreal and found the Basilica fairly easily, paid the admission and went inside. The Basilica is very beautiful inside, and the experience was enhanced by the rehearsal for the Canadian Youth Orchestra (at least for Tara and I).

We then spent some time wandering around Old Montreal, and had a snack in the chocolate shop across from the basilica. We then headed back to the Metro and headed back to the hotel.

After a bit of rest, I headed out to look for some dinner, while Tara and Derrick stayed behind to have their leftovers. I ended up at the IGA near our hotel, which turns out to share the facility with a different Bureau En Gros we could have used if we'd recognized it, saving a bit of time this morning.

Later in the evening, I took another walk around the darkening Old Montreal before coming back here to post and take care of some other business.


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