RonO (rono_60103) wrote,

Montreal Day 4

Today we moved from the Comfort Inn to the Delta, but managed to do more than just that.

We slept in a bit this morning, but then got moving and had breakfast. Before and after breakfast, we packed our belongings and by about 10:30 were ready to leave. We went downstairs and had the desk call a cab, and were asked to wait inside. Apparently with the hotel being close to the bus station, the poaching of cab passengers is a common problem.

It did take a bit of work to get everything into the cab, and we ended up with one bag in the back seat, and me in the front. But the trip to the Delta was quick and painless (it would have been slow and painful through the Metro). We were able to get into our room right away (although I'm a bit worried that despite our many requests up to and including during check in, that we are not where the con wants us for holding a party on Sunday).

After unpacking, we decided to head out. We walked to the Metro station, got new 3 day passes, and then headed for the Eaton Center. We wandered there for a while, and had lunch in its large food court. The only glitch was that we could not talk Derrick into anything other than a Burger King hamburger (he wouldn't even consider a burger from a place that isn't all over the US -- not that either Tara or I expect to step into Burger King anytime soon, at least not until I hear that they've reversed their horrible quality decline of the last decade or so).

We then ended up heading down to the Cathedral of Mary, Queen of the World, even though I'd been there the night before. After looking around there for a while, we decided to work our way back to the Delta, and ended up inside the main train station. While there, we stopped and got some really good new drinks from a Second Cup and then started to head back to the hotel, on foot, through the Resé.

This would have worked OK, but I misread the map and the overhead signs and ended up heading out the wrong way (we found ourselves near the Bell Center, which I mixed up in part with the Bell Tower). Once we found ourselves back inside the Bonaventure complex (which I'd partially mixed up with the station related areas as part of the routing confusion), Tara and Derrick were tired and decided to double back to the Metro. I, on the other hand, felt like continuing to walk -- in part in a dogged determination to find the path, and in part because I didn't fancy yet another trip on the Metro at or near rush hour.

As I turns out, I was able to quickly find the correct path (or at least a correct path) through the Bonaventure complex and managed to reach the hotel before Derrick and Tara. Even taking into account that they stopped at the convenience store in the food court of the next building over.

We sat in the room for a while while I, and then Tara, worked on our pictures so far, and then headed out for dinner. After rejecting the 29th floor as too expensive and too formal, we decided to follow avt_tor's recommendation to go to the place described as "Boring pasta, boring pizza" in the food guide as a good place. We found it fairly quickly, even with me thinking that Tara had the guide and map, and her thinking that I had it. Our only glitch was a brief transposition of two digits in the address. It turns out we've walked past the place at least twice in the last few days, since it is just a block or so from the Basilica of Notre Dame.

Dinner was very good, although it took the one server and one cook a bit of time to get our food. We were entertained, however, watching the cook do his job.

After dinner, we headed back to the hotel, and after Derrick was in bed, Tara and I made a brief appearance at the Reno bid party.


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