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Anticpation Days 1 and 2 (first part) -- Montreal Days 5 and 6

Yesterday, Anticipation started. This changed, obviously, the tenor and details of our vacation, since now we are attending Worldcon and occasionally visiting the city as needed.

The convention didn't really get going until about noon yesterday -- at least most of the programming didn't. After getting breakfast downstairs at McDonald's -- where I was highly disappointed with my stale, but otherwise pretty good, muffin and frozen yogurt parfait (the fruit was frozen, which results in a texture that really sets my teeth on edge) -- we all headed in the direction of the Palis. I headed out first, and walked via the alternate route through the Resó (I've been misspelling this for a while, sorry. Once at the Palis, I quickly determined that there was nothing going on until at least noon, so I headed over to the nearby IGA and picked up some oatmeal, flatware (since they didn't have the $0.99 spoons), bowls and plums so that we, or at least I, would have breakfast without having to pay restaurant prices. I did some more e-mail checking at that point, and then headed out.

I ended up getting lunch before the 12:30 Christian Fandom meeting at the Tim Horton's in the Palis, where I had 2 "snack sized" chicken wraps and a blueberry filled doughnut (and the coke I'd put into my backpack). After eating, I headed up to programing ops where I found out my shifts each afternoon and put them into my phone. I then met up with robot_grrl and randy_smith2, as well as Derrick, who were sitting in the Green Room. Just before 12:30, we headed over to the meeting room and set up. Randy and I grabbed (not physically) Marty Helgesen and made him join us at the front table, while Tara passed out badge ribbons and business card sized fliers.

The Christian Fandom meeting went pretty well, although it wasn't as well attended as some. Much of the usual ground was covered, and it was ready to end at its appointed time.

After that, we dropped Derrick off at kids programming (he is still a bit young intellectually and emotionally for much of the teen programming) and wandered down to the dealer's room/fan area/art show/etc. on the second level of the Palis. While there, I signed up for some slots on at the bid table, and talked to the Aussicon 4 registration person about my missing membership (she'll look into it when she gets back to Melbourne, but thought my name and situation was familiar). We also took a pass at the dealer's room and talked to a few people.

I went to a panel on web comics you should check out, which included howardtayler as a panelist, which was very enjoyable. I did take down a few names of other comics I should check out, and didn't think to mention Evil Inc. which didn't get mentioned. After this, I'm even more convinced that Howard would make a great GoH for DucKon (or any other con that wants him). If it were up to me, I don't know if I'd invite him as Artist or Author Guest of Honor, since he kind of falls in between. I'd probably default to Artist since it is a bit closer. But I don't see that it will be my choice any time soon for DucKon, and probably not for any of the other small cons I'm likely to be helping out with.

After that, we drifted back to the bid table and then joined a bunch of the bid people for dinner. We ended up at Les Masion Kam Fung, where we occupied two back to back round tables. The food and conversation were good, even if the other table had more of the people I've often conversed with. We did have almost too much food, but it was OK.

I then had to leave a bit early to get back to the Palis (about 2.5 blocks if that) to meet up with the panelists for my 8:00 panel, "Over Paid and Over Sexed in Our Time Zone" which was on Doctor Who with an emphasis on the change in the current series (the 9th and 10th Doctor) and his more apparent sexual attraction with his companions and others. This panel was pretty good, and didn't wander too far from the clean and polite areas of the subject (in spite of one panelists who appeared to have had "slash" discussions in regards to the earlier Doctors and Companions from some of her early comments -- and seemed to think that this was obvious and universal until somewhat corrected).

After that, I headed back to the Delta where Tara and I hit up some parties, and met with some DucKon people when we thought that we might need to make up an emergency flier.

This morning, we were able to take advantage of the oatmeal I purchased yesterday. We also contacted the Delta hotel liaison to see about a room for the party on Sunday -- we aren't in a room on either of the party floors. She committed to checking (but I haven't heard back yet) to see if there was something available on the 5th or 28th floor, or if we could steal one room from the con suite for the evening. Otherwise, she said to go ahead and hold the party in our room. One of the other solutions would, however, solve the problem with both partying and getting Derrick to bed on time.

After that, I headed to the Palis to do some stuff before my 11:00 panel. I ended up voting site selection and picking up my bid committee badge, and then went and moderated the kids programming panel: "Stump the Scientists." The small, and mostly adult, audience wasn't able to actually stump any of the scientists until a kid finally asked at the very end if there was intelligent life in other galaxies -- which the answer was, of course, we don't know.

After that, I ended up getting lunch with Randy at the Quebecois restaurant in the Palis. Lunch and conversation were very good, even if it ended up with us sharing church trip horror stories. One thing that shouldn't have surprised me was that when I mentioned having been to a work trip to the Independence Avenue Church in Kansas City (which I mentioned as it has to deal with the issues around communion in churches), Randy instantly knew where I was talking about, having twice lead groups there. This should not have surprised me, since the church in question is a congregation that resulted in the merger of a United Methodist Church (Randy is a United Methodist Pastor) and a Presbyterian Church (USA) church, the denomination I grew up in.

After lunch, I had my first shift in Programming Ops. In spite of seeing the number of fires that the head had to deal with, I could easily see this as an area in which I could easily work, or even run, at a future Worldcon. In later thinking about this, in relation to the Chicago in 2012 bid (a bid that is becoming safer by the hour at the moment, with no sign of a surprise opponent) I'm thinking that whatever role I take, I may want to see about doing it in a co-head situation where there are two of us sharing responsibilities equally. And, although I've done registration a lot at the regional (DucKon) level, I suspect that my skills might fit better in some role like Programming Operations at a Worldcon sized event.

After my shift, I met Tara for some needed Advil (sinus I'm pretty sure) and headed to the Delta to get some pop from the con suite, and check my e-mail. After I finish this post, I'm back to the Palis to do some stuff and get some material to Tara. I'm scheduled to work the bid party from 9:00 to 11:00, and will probably turn in shortly afterwords.


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