RonO (rono_60103) wrote,

Murphy Acendent

Two key facts of my life at the moment:

1: Due to what it took to get the house sold, I'm not long on cash at the moment.

2: Due to something with my recent upgrade, my Linux box has not been properly backed up for a couple of weeks.

So, yesterday said Linux box (Defiant) was acting up. Deciding that a reboot might fix the problem, I tried one last night. After the boot loader selected the version to load, I got a "Could not find partition" error.

So, I've got to get a new hard drive (90% sure that is the problem) and hope that I can use dd (or another similar utility) to recover the data on the malfunctioning drive. At least I've done that before.

But, until I get this done, I have no server.

(FYI, any e-mail sent since last night about 10:00pm PDT is caught in the system)

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