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Should one have to use google to get a joke? - RonO's Ramblings

Oct. 18th, 2005 09:48 am Should one have to use google to get a joke?

This morning, when reading rec.humor.funny (that's an internet newsgroup for throes not familiar with 1980's internet technology :-) I didn't get the joke until I googled up a key name (although I was suspicious what the joke was).

Subject: St. Louis Park
From: Charlie@wciservices.org (Charles Oakes)
Newsgroups: rec.humor.funny
Followup-To: rec.humor.d

St. Louis Park, MN - Local police reported that some individual
attempted to "egg" Mike Tice's house last night.

An empty egg carton was recovered at the scene. Two eggs hit Mr.
Tice's house, 3 eggs went over his house and hit his neighbor's back
door, 2 eggs hit the houses of each of his next door neighbors, and
the remaining 3 eggs were found broken on the ground near the carton
from where the individual threw them.

Detective Charles Aikins stated "Looking at what was hit, we are
considering Daunte Culpepper as the primary suspect."

I had to google "Daunte Culpepper" to even know who he is. (At least from the images that came up first, he is the quarterback for the MN Vikings). Until then, I could only guess that he was some sports figure who was having trouble throwing.

I know I'm not much of a major sports fan -- and am living under the cloud of the Chicago media who has forgotten that there is anything going on in the world other than a few baseball games -- but I'm not sure that knowing the name of a quarterback in order to get the joke makes it a good joke.

(I'm sure I've laughed at jokes that other people wouldn't have the reference for, so I probably shouldn't complain :-).

{The Charles Oakes who posted the joke is not related to me, at least not closely enough for me to know who he is}

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Date:October 18th, 2005 01:25 pm (UTC)
Not all jokes are appropriate for all audiences. A joke can be quite funny, and therefore a good joke, even if it depends upon specialized knowledge, e.g.:

Q. What's purple and commutes?
A. An Abelian Grape.

My apologies if this sends you off to Google again, but here is another pun that depends upon familiarity with two unrelated things:

Q. What does Bob Geldof have in common with the new Pope?
A. They are both former Rats singers.