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So is anything happening in the world other than baseball?

At this moment I'm glad I don't have to rely just on the Chicago media for my news. Based on the morning news on channel 32 and the Chicago Tribune front page, I'd have to imagine that the only important thing that happened yesterday was that a local professional sports team won its national championship.

Of course, I haven't seen the Sun-Times, Daily Herald, the other 4 TV stations news programs, or listened to local radio today, so it could just be my sources.

It seems anymore if I want to know what is going on in the rest of the world, I have to tune in to the BBC World News (thank you BBC America and DirecTv), check out Internet news sites such as The Albuquerque Journal (which I mostly use for news from my hometown), and read my friends and acquaintances Live Journal pages (even when I don't always agree with their opinions).

Some of today's other headlines:

Miers Withdraws Supreme Court Nomination

Fury at Iran leader's comments

I'm sure there more, but I have to get back to work :-)


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