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RonO's Ramblings

Sep. 20th, 2009 03:13 pm Another Weekend Mostly Gone

Once again somehow the weekend disappeared without much effort.

Yesterday, robot_grrl, Derrick and I headed to the Oceanside Harbor Days. Last year we spent several hours there, and we don't think we saw it all. This year we left quite early. Probably for economic reasons, the number of vendors was way down. And most of the non-food vendors seemed to be selling the same cheep junk that one can get for less just across the border (if one is willing to risk what is going on down there).

After we got home, I ended up heading over to Henry's Marketplace to get some more produce. One thing I needed was more squash so I could make some calabacitas (sp?) -- a New Mexican dish or summer squash, corn, chili and some other binder. I ended up getting some yellow "crook neck" squash and some "mexican" squash. It was a good thing I got both, because the zucchini I got two weeks ago to do this with had gone bad. After finishing, Tara and I agreed that we needed more garlic and more chili, but it was otherwise good.

Today, I observed, and then did, a new job at our new church (Daybreak Church in Carlsbad). A couple of weeks ago when they got a survey of my experiences, one of the staff looked at the fact that I've had both tech booth experience and Children's ministry experience, and suggested that I could run the tech booth for Sunday School. This is a much less intense job than running any position for adult worship -- there is just less to do many Sunday's. Also, it is set up so that it is not a 3 service commitment, but more like a lot of Sunday school teacher jobs -- the same hour as many weeks as you can make it. I'll talk to them more, but will probably help out at the earlier service often and then attend the later service with my family.

Now, we are back home and I'm relaxing before another week at work (which is another topic, and for a more limited audience -- I don't want info leaking back, just to be safe).

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