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SeaWorld - RonO's Ramblings — LiveJournal

Oct. 3rd, 2009 07:48 pm SeaWorld

Last night, robot_grrl suggested that I take Derrick to Sea World since she had other errands to run and I've been finding Saturdays more than a bit boring (probably because of the amount I'm actually doing at work must weeks). So this morning Derrick and I detoured around the Mira Mar airshow crowds and headed to Mission Bay and SeaWorld.

Part of why we could pull this off was that last spring I picked up some of the rest-of-the year passes that were the same price as a one-day ticket (but I'd never used mine -- Tara and Derrick used theirs for a school field trip in May).

We got there a bit after opening, and quickly found our way to the Shamu (Orca, or Killer Whale) show. This is the same show as we saw in Orlando a couple of years ago, but is still worth going. I'd still have preferred a more educational show.

After that, we took a look at the dolphins and then found our way to the sky ride. After that we both wanted lunch, so grabbed some at the cafe at that end of the park. Since we had to sit in the sun at lunch -- it was either be rude and take a table for 6, or sit in the sun; and I wasn't rude even if it was two women who ended up sitting at the table we'd rejected. But since we were hot, we ended up getting on the raft ride (Shipwreck Rapids), and got quite soaked (more soaked than I'd have liked).

After that, we worked across to the pet show, stopping at a couple of exhibits on the way. The pet show is pretty good -- and was full of visual jokes: A black and a white dog run into a box, and a black and a white cat emerge, run across and jump into a container which then empties of black and white cats; a dog turns a crank on a hot dog cart, and a bunch of dachshunds emerge, a pig then comes out, runs into a can that was marked "baked beans", but turns the sigh to say "pork and beans" first, then a last dachshunds runs into the can having turned the sign to say "franks and beans"; A long hair cat jumps into a can of "hair remover" and a sphinx emerges; etc. As usual they included a pitch to adopt pets (pointing out that most of the animals performing are from shelters).

Finally we got a last snack and headed over to the Sea Lion and Otter show. They are doing a special show either for all of October, or just for the "Halloween Spooktactular" weekends. While the show was still fun, it was clear that none of the main performers (3 humans and 2 sea lions) were completely rehearsed and made mistakes, or in the case of the trainers forgot their lines (both saying "I forgot my line" rather than trying to cover it more carefully).

After that we headed home.

I took about 1.5 rolls of film, but haven't developed it yet. (I still think I'd like to get a digital SLR, but cannot afford one at this point and have a couple of other expensive items I'd like to get first). If I got some good ones, I'll put them on picasa, and possibly FaceBook, to share.

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