RonO (rono_60103) wrote,


This time the random number generator produced results that wouldn't even be at home in the Twilight Zone :-)
If LJ Was a Renaissance Festival... by bardicwench
Festival Ownerjohnridley
Head of Securityrcking
Person ALWAYS Taking Picturessraun
Person With Really Bad Garbjrittenhouse
Obnoxious Drunk Guy/Girlfr_john
Pickle Guyavt_tor
You Will Spend This Much Money At Faire:$788,062
You Will Have Sex This Many Times:2
You are stuck in the Parade for this many miles:19
You are always found:sleeping under a tree
You are best known for:being drunk all of the time
Quiz created with MemeGen!
At the least, I don't drink (health and taste reasons) and I don't picture Fr. John as an obnoxious drunk. The rest... plausible.

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