RonO (rono_60103) wrote,

A SMOFcon Idea

I'll start with a few disclaimers:

1 -- I'm not making any sort of an announcement that I'm bidding, seriously thinking of bidding, or anything more of thinking theoretically about bidding, to run a SMOFcon. {More on what might change that later}

2 -- This comes from thoughts that pre-dated the discussion on the SMOFs list based on the article linked about the best con for your money.

The other night during a bout of insomnia, I had some thoughts about what I might do if I decided to run a SMOFcon some future year somewhere in San Diego. While I had some very abstract thoughts about where to hold it (probably some hotel in Mission Valley, or perhaps in The Gaslamp if the rates would work out), and perhaps what I'd use as the primary programming theme (if it hasn't been done all that recently, I might do programming on programming). But I did have an idea for one panel that would be nice if I got the right participants.

If I were hosting this kind of event in San Diego, I'd try to reach out to some of the people who've been involved in ComicCon at a fairly high level to get them to attend. If successful, I'd then ask if they'd participate on a programming item called "Talking to the 800 lb Gorilla." The idea would be to have a discussion where people working on Worldcon and similar regional cons can find out both what we can learn from these large events, and how we can get the people who are attending events like ComicCon, Dragon*Con, large anime cons, large gaming cons, etc. who would also enjoy and fit in at Worldcon and similar events.


In order for me to consider running a SMOFCon in San Diego, a few things need to happen first:

  1. I need to get to know the other con runners in San Diego a bit better. I'm slowly getting acquainted with some through what I've done with ConCor and Friday's WFC meeting, but I'd like to get to really know more of them and where the politics all lie.

  2. I need to find someone who could find and negotiate with a hotel that would work

  3. I need to get past next summer so that I have more vacation to spend, and get back to actually making it to SMOFCon

  4. I need to find a year when there aren't any other bids, or at least others who will defer to me

  5. And, finally, I don't want to undertake something like this until after the Chicago bid and any follow on event has past.

So, this isn't all that serious of an idea (unless people insist that this is too good of an idea to pass up and force me into it).

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