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RonO's Ramblings

Nov. 12th, 2009 02:48 pm AKICSN* -- Thanksgiving Meal Between O'Side and LosCon

(AKICSN == All Knowledge Is Contained In Social Networks)

The current family plans for November 26 are for, at least, me to walk in the Oceanside Turkey Trot in the morning and at some later point head toward the LAX Marriott for LosCon. Somewhere along the way we should probably try to get something resembling a Thanksgiving Dinner. (The traditional turkey not required)

However, my Google-Fu is failing me (as is robot_grrl's), and I've been unable to find a listing of chains that will be open on Thanksgiving. We've turned up a few references to places that will be open, but none with posted menus. I've also found, repeatedly, a site that lists a lot of high-end places in LA that are open, but few obviously along our route and none with menus and prices (except, perhaps, an obscenely long string of dollar signs). But nothing that would list mid-tier individual places or give me enough clue how far off route they are.

If anyone can point me to a source of this information so that over the next couple of weeks we can make a decision before ending up eating at the Denney's down the road from the Marriott.

For what it is worth, our likely route is along I-5, to CA-73 and then along I-405 to Century Blvd. If it got us someplace worthwhile, taking the extra mile or two to skip CA-73 might be OK. CA-22, CA-91 to I-605 to I-105 and CA-91 to I-110 to I-405 might also work. (Google Maps puts all of these variants within 10 miles and 10 minutes of each other barring traffic -- which may not be too big of an issue on Thanksgiving) We might also be talked into driving the old Coast Highway through Orange County, but either the drive or the meal and value better be pretty good for that -- especially since Tara may be driving instead of me.

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