RonO (rono_60103) wrote,

To Our Friends at Windycon

Have fun.

It looks like a pretty good con (at least from the quick glimpse of programming I took). Both robot_grrl and I would like to be there, but both the vacation and the money budgets didn't allow for it this year. Maybe sometime in the future we'll find time to make a second (or all three) Chicago cons in a year.

We'll probably hear from some of you on Saturday night between 6 and 8 (if you don't know what I'm talking about, check your program schedule and you may be able to guess).

{This morning, it occurred to me that if we hadn't moved to California, I might still miss much of Saturday since the Chicago area National Karate schools have this knack of scheduling against Chicago cons -- most years the November tournament is against Windycon and I think the June Black Belt exam usually is against DucKon. I suspect that this would have been my first chance to compete as a black belt, so I probably would have gone. It might also have been the tournament that Derrick couldn't miss if his black belt ended up six months behind mine}

We'll see some of you (and many others) at LosCon in a couple of weeks, and more of you at DucKon next June and in Australia. The rest, we'll just have to catch up with at other times and places.

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