RonO (rono_60103) wrote,

That Was Easy... Perhaps Too Easy

This afternoon, robot_grrl and I went to the kick-off meeting for the, expected, 2010 ConJecture. Because of church, needing to pick up lunch, and the drive from Carlsbad to Tierrasanta we were a bit late.

But when we got there and got settled, Val, who is chairing this event (and the 2011 World Fantasy) was going through a list of key jobs that were missing. The first one I heard was "registrar." So, for better or worse, I was quick to speak up and, by the process of stating that I have plenty of experience in the job, volunteer.

Now all we need to do is get a hotel, and dates, nailed down and we'll have a convention. There are a couple of other positions that need to be filled in, or at least confirmed. And we need to nail down a Guest of Honor (but without confirmed dates, that is difficult, and without a hotel, dates aren't confirmed).

I need to get the database, tomcat pages and parts of the application cloned so that I can start taking registration.

I've also already used some of my Chicago fannish contacts to help out. I've e-mailed the person whose run the DucKon media room for several years (at least if his e-mail address is still accurate from a couple of years ago) for information he may be willing to share.

I may pull in my Chicago and other contacts for other pieces of information as well.

So, anyone want to come to San Diego to work registration for a weekend in October 2010 :-))

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