RonO (rono_60103) wrote,

The Week Ahead, and other updates

This should be a fun week.

This morning I'm working from home for a while. Later I have an appointment with the ENT about my thyroid (I have a benign nodule that has apparently grown between 2 and 3 cm over eight months between ultrasounds -- and he wants to talk to me about "the risks of just monitoring it") After that it is to work.

I also have work Tomorrow and Wednesday. Since Derrick is off school this week, I should be able to catch the earlier train, and should be able to leave earlier as well. (Aside, when did schools start giving the rest of this week off? I never had more than 2 days off for Thanksgiving -- actually I've had 2 days off every year but one, and that was the year I was on a business trip)

Thursday will start with me walking 5 kilometers in the "Locals Run/Walk" as part of the Oceanside Turkey Trot. This part kicks off at 8:15 (the regular run kicks off at 7:00), but we'll need to get down their and get me registered fairly early.

After that, we'll need to get ourselves packed up, find someplace to eat (so far, we've mostly found expensive, fancy places in the LA area, and decently priced places here in Oceanside), and head for the LAX area.

The rest of the weekend will be spent at Loscon. I know, or fully expect, to run into several people we know there (including quite a few who will at least be exposed to this LJ Posting/Facebook note). We should have a good time. I won't be surprised if I can be found for at least a few minutes behind the Chicago in 2012 bid table (hazard of being bid committee), but probably won't be trapped there.

As for other updates:

Last week, and continuing today, I had some good conversations with several people on another team at work. From what at least one of the managers said, it sounds like he has a position that he very much wants me for, and it sounds like a pretty good match (at least as long as it evolves in the direction he was proposing).

The team in question is split between Santa Clara and San Diego, and many of the people I'd be working with are in Santa Clara. But, this manager was very interested in having someone who would be based in San Diego so that there would be a local presence to work with the San Diego part of the broader team.

On the other hand, he was expecting that I could easily be spending two or three days in Santa Clara each month for the next several months. Fortunately, getting from San Diego to Santa Clara isn't too big of a deal (Southwest look like it has 9 direct flights, each about 90 minutes -- probably a total of 3 or 4 hours of travel commitment. My dad suggested I could also drive, but Google warns that could take almost 9 hours in traffic, which I'd undoubtedly hit given I'd have to leave in time to hit LA at rush hour), and we could work around me being gone for a couple of days.

With luck, we'll know for sure how things stand soon.

(And, should I end up in the Santa Clara/San Jose area at loose ends, I'll probably let people know in case someone in the area wants to offer suggestions).

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