RonO (rono_60103) wrote,

More Updates

It is now official. Sometime, I'm guessing in the next month, I will be transitioning between teams here at Qualcomm.

As I (think I) mentioned before, since part of the team I'll be moving to, including many of the people I'll be working with, is based in Santa Clara, I'll probably be up in that area a couple of days a month for at least a while. Unless the transition happens with great rapidity (i.e. I'm officially moved by the end of next week), my first trip won't be until January at the earliest. {I don't really want to be traveling during the same week I have surgery, and won't be traveling the couple of short weeks afterwards until we go to New Mexico for New Years}.

But, once I'm heading that way I'll let people know what evenings/nights I might be free in case someone wants to offer me activities.

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