RonO (rono_60103) wrote,

LosCon through Friday early evening

Yesterday, after getting packed up, we all headed up towards LAX and the Marriott for LosCon.

The trip didn't have the best beginning. Normally the trip from our house to the hotel is about a ninty-minute drive, and we encounter fairly light traffic across Camp Pendleton. But yesterday, as before we got on I-5, the traffic was at a near standstill. This continued clear across the base, with a few periods of faster flowing traffic, until we were well inside Orange County.

After we got onto I-405 (because there might be more places to stop than on CA-73, and because neither robot_grrl nor I had change for the tolls) we started looking for a place to eat. After passing several non-possibilities, but determining that a Carrow's, apparently, opened, I started to look for a Coco's (both chains are owned by the same company) using my smart phone. I quickly found one, got directions and then found a different on just off the exit.

Tara and Derrick had their turkey dinner, but since it was turkey breast which I often find too dry, I had one of my favorite salads instead. But we all had some pie to finish our our dinner. We then worked our way on to the hotel and checked in.

We basically hung around our hotel room for the rest of the afternoon and evening, only picking up our badges. It wasn't until this morning, when we actually got our packets, that we noticed that the con suite had been opened.

This morning, we picked up our packets, spent some time in the con suite and returned to our room before hitting opening ceremonies.

At some point when we were down in the con area, we ran into Dave McCarty, who chairs the Chicago Bid, who suggested that perhaps Derrick should sit at the bid table all weekend, letting the adults enjoy themselves. For some reason, Derrick didn't think that this was a good idea.

After opening, we checked out the Dealers' room. After that, Tara and Derrick went to a panel on voice acting (although Derrick was late, since he and I went up to our room to get a quick bite), and I looked around the art show and other places. For me that was pretty much how I spent the afternoon, wandering around and talking to people (which is a lot of what I do at cons these days -- even though I still like to go to and be on good programming -- but if I don't see a panel that I'm sure I want to spend time sitting in, I prefer to socialize).

Apparently, at some Derrick left a panel he was at (probably at the end) and without finding or telling either of us, went back to the room, got his Game Boy and headed down to children's programming (which had no structured activities, and he is at least technically too old for) and was sitting on the floor playing with it.

Once I finally caught up with the rest of my family, we headed to Denny's for dinner and have returned. We are planning on heading to the Ice Cream Social, and at least I (and probably Tara) will hit up some of the parties.


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