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More LosCon - RonO's Ramblings — LiveJournal

Nov. 28th, 2009 06:16 pm More LosCon

LosCon since I posted last night.

After posting, we headed down to the Ice Cream Social. Unlike last year, they opened on time, and we were a bit late. As a result, there were already lines for the more popular flavors. So we didn't get any chocolate. We tried the short line for the chocolate chip, but they ran out. So we ended up with vanilla.

But we enjoyed the social part of the Ice Cream Social.

Afterwards, Derrick headed to bed, and Tara and I headed to the parties. The parties were all pretty good. We really enjoyed the Chili, Wine and Cheese and Desert combined party in the Presidential Suite.

After partying for an hour or two, we headed to bed.

This morning, we got moving so that Tara and Derrick could go to the Tai Chi class given by Stephen Barnes, one of the Guests of Honor. I wandered a bit during this, but not much was up and running yet. Afterwards, Derrick went in to watch the Cartoons and Tara and I did some more wandering, including a joint viewing of the Art Show.

The day was pretty quiet. Tara and I spent some time sitting at the Chicago Bid table, and we got memberships for many of the cons we'll be attending over the next year or two (two Westercons, next years LosCon, hopefully extra memberships for ConDor).

While at the Cartoons, Derrick made friends with the son of one of the Dealers, so he had someone to hang around with, and got a chance to use the pool.

At 4:00, I headed off to hear The Bohnhoff's in concert (missing the first couple of songs). Tara and Derrick showed up in time to hear most of the last song. Afterwards, I ended up picking up their two serious CDs, and telling Jeff about the day I found myself hearing the lyrics to "Knights in White Satin" intermingling with "Nights in White Satin." He confirmed that he's heard that before.

One annoyance was that twice when we went up to the Con Suite, there was a guy who'd taken over more than half of the room to show episodes of The Twilight Zone. About noon, this was fairly annoying because we had to sit in the dark, and keep walking in front of the projector, and couldn't really talk. Also, he'd closed most of the curtains -- and one of the fun things about the 18th floor con suite is that you can watch planes take off and land at LAX just outside. This also makes the room feel much smaller. At dinner time, this was even worse because they were serving Turkey, stuffing and green beans, and quite a few people were there to eat and talk, and the room was still less than half functional.

We're off shortly to get some pizza with Derrick's new friend's family and a their gaming group. Masquerade and more parties are on tonight.

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