RonO (rono_60103) wrote,

Final LosCon 36 Report

Not that long ago, we got back from LosCon

Pizza and conversation last night was pretty good. After eating robot_grrl and I played a game of "Chez Dork," in the game room. We then headed up to send Derrick's friend home and put Derrick to bed. After getting Derrick in bed, and while waiting for parties to start -- we decided not to deal with the lines for the Masquerade and still risk sitting too far back to really see -- I ordered a copy of "Chez Dork" through Amazon, finding two retailers who still had new copies of this out of print game.

We then headed up to parties. All of the parties we hit were nice. We stopped in at the LepreCon party, and Tara picked up a flier to send information to her cousin and his friend who should attend (we failed to get them to Westercon last July even with us commuting from their house). I stopped in the Seattle Westercon bid party while Tara, who watches Lost, went into the Lost themed party. We then spent some time in the ConDor party (again nearly being not recognized as someone who is at least technically on the committee) before hitting up the Confirmation party, the Westercon 64 party and a couple of others. We ended the night at the Smore party but didn't bother with the Writers for the Future party for religious and political reasons. (If you don't understand what I mean, inquire with Google).

I did comment to Glen Glazer at the Westercon 64 party, that it was a bit disappointing since the last one of their parties we went to had fireworks.

Even though it was fairly early, at least by con standards, we headed to bed.

This morning we got moving pretty well, and rushed off to see fr_john's Mass. After service, we finished packing loaded the car and spent some time in the con suite.

Most of the rest of the day was spent talking to people in and around the fan tables, including Perl and Val regarding my positions with ConDor, Conjecture and World Fantasy (and to some extent Tara's for Conjecture). I need to follow up with Perl about a couple of possible positions that may or may not be needed (I don't think I can do the sponsor gathering job she really needs -- I hate making cold calls).

I ended up missing both of the panels I thought about seeing. I skipped the panel on "You Want to Chair a Con" mostly because I goofed up the start time (11:30, and I thought it was 10:00, then 11:00), and one of "Science Fictional Mysteries" since I needed to talk to Val (who was on the other panel), and then get heading home.

We left about 1:30, stopped at an IHOP for a late mid-day meal (Tara and I had second breakfast), and got home in much better time than we headed up.

Overall, this was a good con. I enjoy LosCon, and am glad to run into at least a smattering of my Chicago friends (Dave, Helen and erikvolson regular attend, and Tom Veal was there at least this year), as well as most of our con-attending new, or not so new in the case of Fr. John, West Coast friends.

At least in the three years I've been (1998, 2008, and 2009) it has had good programming (even if I once again managed to miss most of the panels I thought about going to) and a good vibe.

Even though I'm not much of an Anime fan, I'm looking forward to heading back up in 6 weeks for Anime Los Angles and then to ConDor and the rest of the winter and spring season.


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