RonO (rono_60103) wrote,

This Has Been a Newsworthy Week for Friends and Acquaintances

(Credit -- I'm stealing the links largely from mbcrui)

Jeff Larson and his buddies with the Zeusaphone (musical Tesla Coil) were written up in The Chicago Tribune, and in a video clip on WGN-TV News. (I'm actually better acquainted with Jeff's wife min8ive, having worked near her for years).

brotherguy made an appearance on The Colbert Report. I've not yet got around to watching this, but the reports are that he held his own.

Todd Johnson was written up in The Daily Mail about his "Shock Fossil" artwork. I've looked at his work in some of the Chicago area con art shows, but never could quite justify the budget to bid on one. I hope that now that he's getting wider attention, the prices don't go any higher :-).

jrittenhouse has posted the link to the Newsweek story on his adopted daughter and her separately adopted twin sister.

And this without knowing Tiger Woods, or the couple who bluffed their way into the White House for a state dinner.

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