RonO (rono_60103) wrote,

A Dream House We Might Actually Use

Off and on over the years, robot_grrl and I have entered to win HGTV's annual "Dream House" content, generally with the knowledge that should we win, we'd probably only visit the house a couple of times and then sell it to pay for the housing we actually can make use of.

But, it looks like this next year's house will actually be one we could, almost, use. It will be located in a gated community, Campbell Ranch, between Albuquerque and Santa Fe. So, if we were to win it, and were able to pay the taxes and maintenance on it, we'd actually have a place that we could stay when visiting the family.

On the other hand, we actually do have a place where we can stay when visiting the family. My parent's still live in a house that once held six people, and at times four or five of them were technically adults. So holding seven people, including two married couples, isn't much of a problem. And my parent's might be offended if we stayed someplace else.

So, if we win it this year (yea, I know, the odds are pretty small), we'll probably use it once or twice for visits if we can find the time to get there, and then sell it and use the money to help us buy a house around here.

Too bad they didn't choose to do one in Del Mar or Encinitas.


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