RonO (rono_60103) wrote,

Odd things that are problems

robot_grrl and I just got back from Christmas Eve Service at Daybreak Church. The service was as I'd expect -- a lot of music all traditional songs, but not traditional settings (since the church has no traditional choir nor an organ), and a strong and straightforward, but friendly and easy to digest message.

But what I noticed was how my surgery a week ago has impacted me. It caused me two problems during the worship singing. First, I couldn't look up at the screens as easily as I normally do, since I still (and may for some time) have trouble lifting my chin above half-way. But, of a bit more surprise since I've had no vocal effects since last Friday, was how tiring singing was.

Of course it didn't help that they sang "O Holy Night" during the candle lighting, and that song already stretches my natural range (I have to sing one or two octaves below just about everyone else to even have a hope of reaching the high notes in the chorus).

Nor did it help that early in the service the combination of signing and other factors gave me a bit of a coughing jag.

But my recovery (at least from the surgery) is well along, and I'm doing pretty good otherwise.

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