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RonO's Ramblings

Dec. 26th, 2009 02:50 pm Pre-Frustrated

After listening to a CNN report (and waiting 15 or 20 minutes for them to get around to it), it sounds like our travel on Wednesday will be unnecessarily frustrating.

If the various reports are to be believed, the person who tried to blow up the plane from Amsterdam to Detroit yesterday was on a list of travelers to be suspicious of, but somehow got high explosives onto the plane (and fortunately was unable to successfully set them off). But, instead of seeing why Dutch and TSA officials didn't find the explosives in his carry-ons when he should have been subject to extra screening, they are just going to subject everyone who wants to fly to extra screening. And, it sounds like stupid levels of extra screening.

Additionally, they've decided to lock (essentially) people into their seats for the last hour of international arrivals, turn off the flight information systems (and probably other similar services such as the cockpit radio channel on United flights) during this same hour.

So, when we go to fly to Albuquerque on Wednesday evening, we'll probably be subject to an unnecessary level of security (which will probably scuttle my thoughts of bringing some fresh produce not available in Albuquerque with me) and ground-side delay -- which in turn will require that we arrive at the airport even earlier, so I'll have to leave work even earlier. At least with a US to US flight, we won't get the stupid restrictions during approach.

And, frankly, I doubt that any of this will really address the security hole that this terrorist slipped through, nor make it any safer for me to fly.

And, perhaps the most distressing thing I heard in all of this was that people where feeling like this was OK since it made them safer. I know I don't feel any safer knowing that I'm being treated as a possible terrorist when someone who the US had good intelligence might be apparently wasn't.

Instead of "closing the barn door after the horse escapes," we need to focus on actually making sure that we know which horses are trying to get out, and keep an eye on them.

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