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Not Happy - RonO's Ramblings — LiveJournal

Dec. 28th, 2009 09:03 pm Not Happy

I just downloaded an upgrade to Daz Studio, which takes me (apparently) from version 1.x to version 3, and gives me lots of new features I want.

However, when I launched it, I was informed that my Open GL driver is out of date. Some inquiries on the web, and I determined that I still have the most up to date graphics driver for my built-in graphics card.

Now, I'm left with no working copy of Daz Studio (I might be able to reinstall the old version, if I can find the install file) unless I do some sort of an upgrade.

I could try upgrading just the graphics card. But, the AGP port on this motherboard has proven to be unstable (I've twice discarded AGP graphics cards and gone back to the built in card for this reason). I might be able to use a PCI card, but only if I could find one that was compatible with a four-year-old to six-year-old (or so) mother board, but new enough to be both available and support the current Open GL.

Second choice I could buy or build a new Windoze machine. I'm extremely reluctant to do this because I know the grief that I have from Windows. Basically, I have to lock the machine down and keep everything I think of installing on it, or I risk having it turn into the borderline PoC that my current computer is. Once I loose one update, the chances of restoring the system from a fresh install is low, and if I install and uninstall stuff -- as I'm likely to want to do -- I risk creating so much registry garbage that my system becomes unstable. This has happened to every windows machine I've owned, unless I've kept it nearly pristine (i.e. my laptop and work machines). I'd also want to be sure that I could actually go with XP since I'm convinced I don't want to go near Vista, and unconvinced that Windows 7 would be worth the risk.

Choice 2.5 would be to buy or build a Windows class machine, but try to make it into a so-called "Hackintosh." But I'm not sure I'm up to having a Mac that I cannot get some level of support and assistance on -- especially for things like migration.

Third choice would be to buy a mac mini (or if money were even less of an object a mac pro).

But, I'm trying to not spend even the money for a low-powered windows class system (which might be a bit of an improvement over my current system just because of cores and proc. speed), certainly not what I've priced either of the other options at (approximately the same).

For now, I may just try to back down Daz Studio and see if I can at least get back where I was (and still be reluctant to do much digital art due to the obnoxious of my slow computer)

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